Ralph (Randy) Smith with his son in law Frank, and his daughter Kathleen

After graduate school, Ralph (Randy) Smith, and his wife Grace (now deceased), moved to Tirrenia, Italy for 3 years, where he served as a Captain in the Army’s Mediterranean Signal Core.  From 1967 to 2006, he worked for DuPont’s Fiber Dept, where he led their Kevlar Composites Team, until retiring […]

Your 2024 Planning Committee members (Sandy Moore, Carolyn Dube, Ann McManus, Jeff Taylor, and Peter Bergholtz / missing is our picture taker Bobby Holmes, and Harry Bowen, who claims to be stuck in Florida) hard at work for our upcoming 67th Reunion in September.

Sandy, Bobby, and Ann were in good spirits.  But Carolyn was sad to hear that Harry was stuck in Florida,and won’t be attending the committee’s meeting.

Jeff, however, told Peter that he heard that Harry was in Florida hanging out with a bunch of younger women, to which Peter responded, “good for him”.

On hearing that news Carolyn was much relieved, to which Ann responded, “I didn’t think he had it in him.”

Bobby told the group that he’d make a run down to Florida to see if he could get to the bottom of what was going on.

Worse still – another pic surfaced of Harry and someone he introduced as an old friend, at a notorious dance club in Miami.