Event at Walt Lawrence’s 1962 starring Walt, Jeff and Nancy (Was that the Twist?)
Event at Walt Lawrence’s starring Nancy Larson (What was she doing in that guy’s pocket?)
Do you remember the day the police shot at Walt Lawrence? They shot his car and Julie Vitale in the foot?
Mr. Shaw’s Wedding, 6th Grade, Highland School
Mr. Shaw’s Wedding, 6th Grade, Highland School, Ed Donley, Roberta Kelly, Bruce Stockbridge, Janet Vars, Mr and Mrs Shaw, Dick Burgess, Marcia Call, David Williams, and Nancy Larson
Mr. Shaw’s Wedding, 6th Grade, Highland School Bruce Stockbridge, Janet Vars, Marcia Call and Ed Donley.
F:Jane Fowler, Bonnie Sanborn, Shirley Hall, Janice Kimball, Carol Oldenbrook R: Elaine Gaw,Patty Raymond,Jane Land,Carolyn Sharp,Janien Benson
Some of the girls at Blinstrub’s, circa 1955. Rear, Janet Lundberg,Mary Jane Leslie,Lauralee Newell. Front, Bonnie Sanborn,Lorraine Horn,Janet Vars.
Basketball Team at Parker Junior High in 1954. Front: Jesse Frye, Ted Hoeckel, Kelly Brown, Jeff Taylor and Bruce Kay Seated: Freddy Brown, Jack Talbot, Pete Bergholtz, Randy Smith, Kenny Livingston, Ed Donley, Al Maxwell, Billy Connors and Dick DeLong. Third Row: Dennis McCaulay, David Williams?, Larry Kenney, Dave Jenny, Paul Cryts, Teddy Eyrick, Dick Burgess and Ralph Henderson. Back Row: Desi Comacho, John Moore, Bob Snelling, Dick Dingwell, Peter Gale, Jack Killilea, Dick Peterson, Richard Hannon,John Sampson and Fred Squires
Four Class Picture from Lowell Street School 1946 Try your luck at finding your Class of 1957 classmates who attended Lowell Street in 1946. Some still have the same facial characteristics today! Look for Joan and Sandy Oliver, Joyce Doherty, “Ted” Hoeckel, Roberta Kelley, Bobby Holmes, Sylvia Armstrong, Peter Doherty, Ed Donley, Dick Burgess, Judy Morse, Newt Spurr, Janet Vars, Marcia Call, Charlie Vars, Eldon Sidebotham and Pat Doherty to name a few!
Earton Robertson and George Drury Class of 1957 top student honors.
Rolinda Durgin and Janet Vars in cap and gown at graduation.
Birthday Party on Beacon Steet circa 1951 Janet Wright, Marilyn Dodge Mary Jane Leslie, Brenda Crovo Judy Morse, Marcia Call Lorraine Horn, Cecile Martel and Shirley Gifford.
Eddie Wendell and Joe Long Captains of Track and Baseball 1957.
A Student Council meeting circa 1954 in Mr Butcher’s room. Can you identify the other 2? Cornelia Whitten,David Burhoe,Dick Delong,Pat Comstock,Ken Faulkner,Mr Butcher,Bruce Berger and ?.
Parker Junior High Basketball 1953 1st Row: Dick Delong, Bruce Kay, Bob Sebeika, Randy Smith, Jesse Frye, Pete Bergholtz and Billy Connors 2nd Row: Larry Kenney, Kelly Brown, Jeff Taylor, Ken Livingston, Jack Woodbury and Ray Porter 3rd Row: Everett King, Ed Donley, Dick Burgess, Ted Eyrick and Ralph Henderson
Student Council meeting circa 1954 in Mr Butcher’s room. Can you identify your classmates? We think we see: Bob Davis,Janice Kimball,Margie White,Janien Benson?,Carol Weeks,Caroline Dube,Bob Peterson,Marion Forsythe,Jack Killilea,?,Ken Faulkner,Maria Gallante,Dave Riley?,?,Barbara Frost,Alan Maxwell,?,?,David Burhoe,Kenny Mullin,Pete Bergholtz and Pat Comstock. Can you identify others? Let us know!
Group of 6th Graders at Pearl Street School Circa 1951 We think we see Jim Stone,Bob Davis,Bob Sebeika?,Kurt Nitzsche,Billy Gerrior,Ronnie Muccio,Joe Tower,Janice Kimball,Janice Doucette,Judy Ioshia and ?. Can anyone identify the other 2?
Miss Massachusetts, Brenda Crovo with her Mom and Dad, Mildred and Andrew with her crown and trophy.